Bieber Believer

Listen. Just Listen.

Here are 4 Reasons why you should calm down and stop hating Justin Bieber:

1. He is legitimately talented
Unlike his tweeny predecessors, JB's got pipes. His voice, although a bit premature, has substance. He sang for the president for Christmas...HELLO. And have you seen him play the drums? (Here he is playing when he was like 10. Impressed? You should be.)

2. He has a sense of humor
Maybe you've seen him on SNL? Singing with Tina Fey?

Or in the newest digital short with Andy Samberg?

If the cast of your favorite web videos are fraternizing with him, shouldn't you maybe stop thinking that he's a brainless child?
Jimmy Fallon also does a skit about Bieber which you should probably watch if you haven't.
And did you see the Super Bowl commercial he did with Ozzy? Where at the end he's dressed as a hobo and says that Justin Bieber "looks like a girl" ? Come on guys. He's hilarious. It's not like he thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread.

3. He is the American/Canadian Dream
JB is a perfect example of the American dream. Anybody can make it here with hard work and, well, luck. He was brought into this big music world out of a Canadian youtube nobody fluke. It's not like his dad was Billy Ray Cyrus so he had an automatic entrance to fame. No. Some producer saw THIS and took a chance on an unknown kid. And then Justin Timberlake and Usher had to battle over who would become his new agent or whatever. And Usher won, and JB just so happened to become totally famous. Do you really think he would've made it this far if he wasn't talented? He's riding on NOBODY's coattails. Accept it.

4. He's attractive
Look at that face!

I personally believe that this is a reason so many people hate on JB. They don't want to take an attractive kid seriously. And guess what. He doesn't look like a girl. He's just YOUNG. You could argue that all young boys look like girls. And guess what. He has gone through puberty. Or at least some of it. What kind of stupid person honestly believes a 17 year old kid hasn't had a few bodily changes? Come on.

So I might be getting a little excited because I might be seeing Never Say Never at midnight tomorrow... But either way. JB deserves this. I realize that many of you may see this and not be affected at all, but I hope that some of you, knowing me and my character, will take some of this to heart. You don't have to enjoy his music, but I really don't see a reason to HATE.
I could go on and on...but In conclusion:
Stop the drama.
and also this:


Caitlin said…
Couldn't have said it better myself. Don't stop beliebin'.

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