Deleted scenes/tweets! 2

I just got real depressed all the sudden.
In other news, here are some more rejected tweets:

1. It's happening. I'm craving 4th meal. I'm a fat American.
2. Goal for next friday night is to not be laying in my bed alone when 8pm rolls around.
3. Nothing more depressing than looking through past transactions and realizing how much fast food I eat. Except like maybe the depression.
4. Sometimes I type better when I just lean back and close my eyes and fddddddddddddd SHOOT
5. Remember on Holes when they call graham crackers cookies?!? What a bunch of stupid juvenile delinquents! Glad they all die at the end.
6. Just found out my ex had a ring picked out for me before we broke up! (A lie I imagine sometimes to feel better about my life)
7. I thought listening to the postal service would help me study. Boy was I wrong. Just kept wondering if the same song was playing over and over.


Natalie said…

all of these are hilarious.


hahahaha I'm dying. Those stupid Holes kids.

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