What day is it?


This month has literally flown by. It's as if October sprouted the wings of an eagle and soared amongst the...whatever.
I just can't believe it's almost NOVEMBER.

In the past month I:
  • Became really good friends with my roommie.
  • Met more twitter friends.
  • Declared an English minor
  • Saw the Foo Fighters in concert?
  • Exploded coffee creamer into my dry-clean only coat pocket
  • Ate many $5 footlongs

  • Ate a BUTT-TON of candy corn...
  • Became single again
So I mean. Basically my life is right on track...?
Le Sigh...

A bunch of my friends (GIRLS) also announced that they are going on missions this month. It's freaking me out. It's making me feel like a grown up or something awful. I'm sure I'll have a similar breakdown when my first good friend gets married. Can't even imagine what that will be like. #foreveralone

I dunno. I hate making decisions and being responsible. I wish I had a life coach to tell me. Okay, major in this, take these classes, graduate here, go on a mission/don't, get married to this dude, live here...yeah! You're doing great!

But instead it's just me. Boppin' around. Doesn't know. Which way is up. (name that movie)

In other news, I'm pretty sure I tweet wayyy too much. I lose followers pretty much every day...and now that I don't have one person to text constantly I'm pretty sure my urges to tweet are only going to increase.
So I've started saving tweet drafts to my phone and I think I'll put them up here on the blog. Have to get my hilarious thoughts out into the world wide web somehow amirite?! LOL.
In conclusion, I think Ferris Beuller said it best:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it."


Natalie said…
I KNOW I KNOW! Freaky Friday!?!
I love that movie. That movie is a great metaphor for your life right now. Lindsey Lohan didn't want to grow up, but she was thrust into the body of Jamie Lee Curtis, forced to grow up too fast and she has to marry Richard. He's Ooooooold (whiney voice). So, Lindsey gets you. Except now she's doing community service now, cleaning up morgues or something. That's what the radio said.

I remember EXACTLY the feeling you're living with right now. All my friends were being adults and I was LOST. Then I made a lot of bad decisions and had this painful/lonely road that I walked for a while, but it was actually really really nice in the end. I came out the other end a lot better and then I started dating Kelly and I was like - what?! Is my life being real right now? And then suddenly, everything was okay after a loooooong time of things not being okay.

So what I'm trying to say is BUY MY BOOK! Just kidding. I'm just saying, it's okay. And it'll be okay. It'll just be like WTF LIFE for a a while. Kind of like middle school. But I getcha. I gotcha.
Love ya

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