Maybe you've heard?

Since the beginning of time--or 2002--people have been telling me to try out for American Idol. For the first 5 or so years I wasn't even old enough to audition. I would sit and watch and fantasize about taking the stage and blowing the judges away. As I got older I started to think trying out would be "uncool." This attitude mostly stemmed from the anger I felt every time a winner was picked that I didn't agree with(cue Ruben, Fantasia, Taylor Hicks, David Cook...almost every season...). Then every time I did want to try out, the auditions were far away or somehow things just didn't work out.

Well. Now here I am, 20 years old, going into my 3rd year of college. The original judges of the show are all but gone, and competing programs like "The Voice" and "America's got Talent" seem to be pushing AI off the radar...
But despite all of that I've decided that this is my year to shine.

So. On July 26th I will be boarding a plane to Denver, CO by myself to embark on a journey. It's a little bit ridiculous that I'm going alone, and a little bit ridiculous to think I'll make it past round 1...but I just have to do this. So that the next time someone says to me, "You should totally try out for American Idol!" I'll be able to say, "I totally did. In season 11."

(Also. It's no coincidence that Jennifer Hudson, former American Idol finalist, is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers which I happen to be a lifetime member of...)


Natalie said…
Jennifer will be so proud of you!

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