'Merica! Part Tew

Well friends, romans, countrymenz, it all ended today.
At 2:00AM I woke up and got ready for the big audition! They wanted us there by 5, so I thought I'd be safe and get there at 3:30. (Which turned out to be completely unnecessary...) After watching Meet the Robinsons on my Zune (in LOVE with that movie) I awkwardly asked the kid in front of me to take my picture.

Yeah. See that little pink light in the skyline? THAT'S JUST THE SUN RISING NBD.
We basically had nothing to do until about 7 so that was a fun few hours of doing nothing and making painful small talk!
Then the propaganda group shots began.

We were told to shout various phrases like "Give ME the golden ticket!" and "Welcome back to the Rocky Mountains!" The producer treated us like 8th graders basically...(shout out to Natalie Thomson!) It was all very demeaning.

Anywho. Then we found our seats in the stadium. I was lucky enough to be seated between a mom with a sun hat and a dude with a beard and a leather vest! Er.....
By the time we got in the sun was BLAZIN. Seriously. It was only 8 or 9 but I thought I was going to melt.

(Exhibit A)

After a couple more hours of waiting, they lined us all up for the slaughter. So to speak. 4 by 4 we marched up to one of the 11 different booths set up with various producers awaiting. I tried my best to be all smiles and full of personality. I made eye contact, I belted my song. I even threw in a few Christina Aguilera hand waves for style. But the lady in my booth didn't seem impressed at all. (She was wearing a bandeau and a ripped up tank top btw. Classy.) She told me and the girl next to me that we really needed to work on our vocals....And that was that! They cut our wristbands off and we walk-of-shame-walked our butts out of that blazin hawt stadium.

Yes. I'm telling you that I DID NOT MAKE IT. As convinced as I was that I could be the next American Idol, I didn't even pass the first round of auditions. But they're super weird about who they let through. So I wasn't even sad. I didn't cry or throw a fit. I just got Wendy's and was all, Whatever,

The experience was fun though. Should I ever decide to try again, I know what to do. Wear weird pants, act a fool, make up a crazy story about myself, and sing a Katy Perry song. Easy. Oh and also, don't show up a thousand hours early. Because you just don't need to. You just don't.

In conclusion, follow ur dreamz, reach for the starz, and watch out for THIS guy on TV!


Emily said…
I'm proud of you girl. You did what everybody else is afraid to do. Yer my hero.
Rex said…
we are going to watch for you on TV cause YOU are the winner. love,mom and dad.
Natalie said…
Thanks for that shout out. I love demeaning 8th graders.
The Lucky One said…
You tried though! that is more than a lot of people do in their whole lives!! :)
Emily Rigby said…
Thanks everybody :)

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