'Merica! Part 1

The saga of Emily trying out for American Idol all began today!
At exactly 3:30AM I woke up this morning/last night and got ready to head out to register at Invesco Field.

(Denver has no shortage of horse statues, I have come to learn.)

I arrived at the stadium around 5:30AM--after getting lost and turned around quite a bit-but-I-mean-it's-my-first-time-in-this-city-so-haters-back-off.
If you can believe it, I seemed to be the only person there flying solo. Everybody had somebody. Be it their androgynous aunt, chain-smoker boyfriend, doting daddy, or the occasional trio of hefty harmonizing sisters. So at first I felt a little awkward.

But as the cameras arrived and the lines moved I warmed up to my neighbors quickly enough. And the crazies began to emerge...

Turns out gimicks really do work. Anyone with an outfit or a hairstyle a teensie bit out of the ordinary was approached by the cameras. Like this dude. ^ And THIS DUDE:

He is 100% going to be on TV. They had him running around all over the place. Among the attention grabbers nearby there was also pink hair girl and the cowboy:

But! Don't worry! Although I was dressed as a normal sleepless human, I managed to weasel my way onto camera a bunch! At one point, this staff lady with a flip camera noticed my cheering and asked me a bunch of questions. And then ASKED ME TO SING FOR HER. So I sang a bit of Halo by Beyonce. It was the first thing that came to mind...I was pretty nervous, but I'll need to be even crazier come Friday if I wanna be fms!
I would say as of today there's probably a 10% chance I will be on TV. So GET PUMPED!

Overall, the day was a success. Despite waking up early, it turned out to be fairly painless. I only ended up standing in line for 2 or 3 hours! And I didn't even have to go to the bathroom once! Easy. When I got to the front they just gave me a paper wristband and some forms and told me to come back Friday at 5:00AM. Impressed? I thought so.

So keep a lookout for DAY 2 of the idol adventure! I will probably be standing around for many many more hours. Thinking about it makes me want to go to bed. At 8:30PM...Eeesh my sleep schedule is so messed now ha.
In conclusion, don'tcha wish yer idol wuz hawt lyke me?:


Haley said…
too bad you left your bleached mohawk and leopard pants at home. also on that idol video.... the obviously foreign woman trying to sing at 30 seconds? i'm dying. and want to be her a little bit. you know i love a good russian accent. especially when it involves the pussycat dolls.
Natalie said…
I'm so terrified of that screaming lady on that video. Please do that.

Emily Rigby said…
Haha I should've just pretended to be foreign. And told them my homeland was in peril. Sympathy vote!

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