I have this problem.

So I just re-read some of my blog posts from my other blog. The one I started for my advertising class and then abandoned after the class was over. Everything on there was so much more interesting and well-written than this blog! And I think I know why. Because at the time, I had a purpose for writing, and a defined audience. I knew that the kids in my class would be reading what I wrote, so I was on my A-game! I wanted them to be amused. I wanted my teacher to pull examples from my blog to show the class. And thus my blogging was at its finest.
I want to write that way again!
So...what should I do?
Maybe I will start advertising my blog more on facebook and twitter. That way, I'll feel like more people might actually see what I write, and maybe I'll be more motivated to be clever and witty! Who knows.
I just want to write more. I want to be a writerrrrrr.

Any suggestions?


abby. said…
i have this problem too. BUT I think part of it stems from when I write on my blog and I try to please too many people at once. Like, I want my friends to think it's funny, and people that know me really well, but I also want to sound smart and impress strangers. And sometimes then it gets vague and confusing and not well-written at all. The best thing I've found for writing is to write for ONE person at a time, whether it's your hot film professor or just yourself. Because then you actually say what you're trying to say, and your tone is more consistent.

Does that make any sense at all?!
Emily Rigby said…
Yeah! That makes sense. Try to have a certain audience you're writing to even if a bunch of other people outside that group happen to read it. I think I'll try that next time and see what happens. Oh blogging...ha.

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