If music be the food of love...

The other day I watched The Young Victoria with my roommate Haley.
She's an art history major so I kept asking her questions about what was going on during that era and whatnot. Fascinating stuff. Then during one part Prince Albert referenced Schubert's Swan Song (which became a motif for his character) and I totally knew what he was talking about! When it played I think Haley thought it was just part of the soundtrack--something written for the film--but I recognized it from my music 202 class! Totally Schubert.
Then I got to thinking about that class and how much I LOVED it. Seriously. I took so many notes. I hung on every word that my professor said--and not just because he had an awesome Australian accent.
You guys. I LOVE MUSIC.

Then today I went to the Harris Fine Arts Center on campus and it brought back even more memories of Music 202. And I just wanted to take that class again. Be a TA for it. Learn everything I possibly can about the history of music.

I'm singing in church tomorrow so I've been trying to warm up my voice every day. In all the choirs and voice lessons I've been in they emphasize singing with your throat open. That feeling you get right before you yawn. When I sing like that I feel silly, like an opera singer. So I was driving around today singing like that and I just started making up an opera. I rolled my r's and just sang in made up words that sounded Italian. It would have been absolutely hilarious for anyone to hear/see I'm sure. But the thing is...it felt real! I had this vision of me writing a real opera...and I don't even like opera that much.
I. Don't even know.
(Lately the best place for me to sing really loud and as ridiculous as I want is alone in my car. Celebrity impressions, practicing for AI, opera singing...you name it. It's awesome...)

Basically these past few days have been super weird. And I just really don't think I want to major in advertising anymore. What? Yeah. I'm not really a junior in college...Never mind that I have 76 credits already...oof.
Whyyyyyyyyyy do majors even EXIST. WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepbreath. In conclusion, I leave for Denver to try out for American Idol in 3 days. Pray that I make it to the next round so I can become famous and never have to pick a major. lol? But really.
Love, Emily.


Rex said…
Oh my. The angst of the major. I wondered why you picked Advertising, when you don't seem like the type; i.e., driven, deceitful, and dour. (okay, maybe not dour, but it fits for alliteration, and rule of three's, something you learn in advertising.)
Rex said…
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Emily said…
I LOVE the Young Victoria. And I miss singing. Lets do this fall, like old times. Good luck with American Idol! I hope you get famous!!

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