The 2 weeks from Hell sent to destroy me

Remember in October or something when it was time to register for winter semester and I had no idea what to take so I only added 2 classes? Well. Turns out that's sort of the worst thing that could've happened to me.
These past two weeks--the first 2 weeks of school--have resulted in a frenzy. This picture probably best expresses how I've been feeling:

I've been in a constant state of uneasiness, worry, and panic. I've been adding and dropping classes like crazy. I don't know whether or not to be a full time student because I don't have any classes to take. If I'm not full time, what am I doing with my life? I've been trying to finish up the process of applying to the advertising program this whole week. I can't even focus on school. I never sleep...

I feel like this happens to me to some extent at the beginning of every semester--I scramble and I freak out and then things turn out fine. But this time there has been more scrambling than ever before. Which thus leads to more freaking out...

I know these are major first-world problems, and I know everything is going to work out...I just can't breathe right now. And my hair is in a top-knot. I've never done that before! What's happening to me.
This picture best expresses me trying to feel better by taking sad pictures of myself:

(This photo will be on the back of my first novel: "Lady in the Water Balloon.")

I mostly blogged this morning because I started to feel like I was tweeting too much again. Another issue in my life. I HAVE IT SO HARD U GUYS.

No. But really. I'm fine. I'm not dying. My life is not ending. I just have to pretend I know what I'm doing for a few more days, and it'll all be over! And I had a really nice dream about cats last night so. Everything is fine.

Good thing I have Noah and the Whale stuck in my head! L-I-F-E-G-O-E-S-O-N


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