My heritage

Want to see the cutest picture of my parents ever?

It's a little bit small because I got it from my mom's facebook. Which, I must say, is hilarious in and of itself. My mom needs to start blogging so the rest of you can see picture captions that say things like "I am a bunny with cheetah gloves" or "Andrea sitting? In the snow? I don't think, so." Yes. The comma is placed after "think."

Anyway, they took this picture of themselves. Because my mom, as previously mentioned, is hilarious, and stages photoshoots of herself and my dad and the cat all the time. Here's one with the cat.

"Addy has lazer eyes."

Am I a lucky kid or what!


eric keith said…
yes. yes. lazer eyes. the culps are the best things that ever shimmied into my life.

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